Well I have been quiet…. too quiet

My countdown to finish my Course is on, I have until the 31st Of May. If I get this done in time it will be a miracle, I could write an essay on how bad TAFE has become and the rudeness and lack of support I have been given, but I won’t do that now, I’ll do it after they hand me my certificate and they can’t take it back after my scathing reviews (MUAHAHAHA REVENGE). 

But I have been really quiet on the cooking front, and I promise this will change. I cooked yesterday for the first time in weeks and weeks, and it felt so good. 

I made amazing wheat free cookies that were made from ground oats, that can be substituted for flour. THEY. ARE. DELICIOUS!

Sadly, I kind of made it off the top of my head and did not record the recipe, but I will make them again as I have a rough idea of what was used.
Also I want to focus on fashion more in the future too, but I have not had the chance to pursue this side of things. I will though, as I am going to London and Paris in September this year, so I will be blogging all things related and uploading some amazing photos of the food I eat, the fashion and some amazing architecture and countryside. 

Anyway, blog soon. xxx 

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