Room renovation

So because I like to plan and always have little projects, I am planning on what I will do when I come back from my trip to the UK!

Using a budget of a about $650 here are some great budget friendly finds I have picked up on ebay!

I found this, I think for my small room this will be perfect for my studies and research. The desk has plenty of space and currently the desk I use is big and really tall, making my room feel smaller. More wall space will equal some room to hang some pictures! $76

Loving the neutral colours and storage, it is perfect for my tv that I have my bedroom, and will go with the vintage clothing stand dummy I have. I will also be renovating my broken wardrobe and adding some more storage inside! $143

New-Vintage-Genuine-Leather-Computer-Chair-Office-Armchair-White-Wood-ExecutiveThis lovely chair is so much nicer than the brown 80’s office chair I have, love the little details that give it this old world look. $170


Love this beautiful light, it is a piece of art, and it is also handy as my lighting my bedroom is broken and I can’t afford to get it fixed!

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