2016 New Years Resolutions + reflection on past year

Looking back at one year exactly and thinking about what I have and have not achieved, it makes me realise that although I only completed one of my New Years Resolutions (to go to the UK) I achieved many other things I did not plan to.

I got a promotion at work, I got to travel to the UK and Paris, and see some amazing places and meet the most amazing people. I also bought some beautiful iconic pieces of fashion that I never thought I would be able to afford, and while this seems small and superficial, it meant alot to me and signified a change in the way I dress and look at presenting myself.

So what are my New Year’s Resolutions for 2016?

I have decided to focus on 5, important and basic goals.

1 – lose 2 dress sizes, I have gained almost 2 due to my trip and all the festive eating, the diet change I am mentally ready for, but the gym must be stepped up a notch, hopefully I will be able to attend 4 days a week due to my role changing.

2- Apply for my P’s driving licence, I have until April to do it !

3- Apply for a dual citizenship, the tricky part about this is that unfortunately I will have to save up $2000, I want to complete it as soon as possible.

4 – Dress to impress and try a Ā little more different things in the fashion department, I will blog and track this with my weight loss, I am installing a mirror so I can capture and blog full length shots of my hit or miss.

5 – Start studying event management, I swear this will be the last thing I study! After this, NO MORE EVER AGAIN!
Well 2016, here is to hoping you are a fantastic year!



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