Antioxidant Mocha

New Recipe time!

Sorry it has been so long.

Here is my recipe for an antioxidant Mocha

  • Normal amount of instant coffee you prefer in your coffee, only use the Nescafe antioxidant coffee
  • 2 cubes of lindt 90% coco dark chocolate, broken up
  • Milk of your choice (I prefer soy)
  • 1 teaspoon of dark chocolate powder or you could substitute with using your own made hot chocolate mix using coconut sugar and raw coco powder.

Simply place all the dry ingredients in your cup, heat up the desired amount of milk you would use to make your coffee ( I recommend at least half your cup full) and then add to the dry mix and stir into everything starts to melt, then top up with hot water and continue to stir until fully dissolved!


Enjoy xxx

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