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After what can only be described as my absolute year of Hell, I have finally weaseled my way out of my dump of a workplace. After feeling bullied, manipulated, undervalued and outright mistreated as well as witnessing a barrage of bad behaviour from senior staff towards younger staff who already over work themselves I have quit!!! 

I start my new job next week and I can’t wait! 

However there is 1 little problem. my turd of a workplace pays people monthly, 2 weeks prior and 2 weeks in advance. Unfortunately due to some unfortunate sick leave and a holiday I had literally just come back for ( I resigned my first day back from a 10 day trip to Hawaii) it means I owe them problem just over a weeks worth of pay. 


I am literally going to be broke. 


but that’s fine, I have started from scratch before and I’ll do it again. 


There is nothing a good budget can’t fix!


I am also going to use this to motivate me to get back into not only focusing on my studies which I have neglected for 6 months now due to job hunting but to also actually write a book about budget meals. Writing a cook book is something I have always wanted to do and now I have literally no choice but to do it!  

There are a few rules;

  1. There is a pantry requirement list. 
  2. The meals come in under the category of $6, $10 or $15
    $6 meals can feed one, $10 meals must feed 2 and $15 meals must make 3-4 serves. 

In my book it will state the cost if you were to buy the ingredients only that you are missing and also what it would cost if you were to buy it ALL from scratch including pantry items list. 

XXX Foodie Fabulous

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