Chocolate Rum Delight


This little number is a wonderful cheeky drink, it looks part dessert and is best sipped slowly and definitely partly eaten with spoon!

Its rummy chocolatey flavours are perfectly delicious on a friday night after a hard day’s work, or on a Sunday evening with the knowledge that a full busy week is ahead of you.

This recipe is for one serving in a glass.
– Grater
– measuring jug for liquid
– Beautiful Tall Cocktail glass – preferably a Cuvee glass

– Dessert Spoon


– Rum
– Baileys
– Dark Drinking Chocolate powder
– Grated milk chocolate ( you don’t need more than a square or two per person,
but put as much as desired)
– 1 cup milk ( 250mls)
– 1 large scoop plain ice-cream
– Whipped Cream

Method: 1. Rinse out your cocktail glass and make sure it is clean, as most cocktail glasses sit around for a while and don’t get used as often as your other dishes and glasses, they accumulate dust so easily.2. Pour a lid full of rum into cocktail glass ( use the lid of the rum bottle to measure this).

3. Pour 40mls Baileys of Bailey into cocktail glass.
4. Pour half your milk (125mls) into the cocktail glass.
5. Put 1.5  Tablespoon Dark Drinking chocolate powder into reamaining 125mls of milk. Stir until combined and there is no more powder left floating on the top. Then pour into cocktail glass.
6. Stir glass 5 times with spoon.
7. Put a large scoop of plain ice-cream into glass
8. Pour another 15mls of Baileys on top.
9. Put whipped cream on top until it rises above the rim oc the cocktail glass.
10. Dust with extra drinking chocolate and chocolate shavings.

Enjoy with family, friends, or some much needed quiet time with yourself!

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