Inspiration to stay fit

So I don’t want to just post food on my new website.
I want to concentrate on the fabulous side of things too!

I am trying to get myself back into exercise and fitness, I have not gone to the gym properly in probably 6 months now. 
I have been getting really stressed lately with some things happening in my life, and I am hoping that maybe some much needed gym and exercise time can become my switch of ‘me’ time. 

So I went looking for some fitness inspiration and found some great finds on the internet, in all kinds of price ranges.

So here are a few things in my ‘fitness wishlist’

 Fitness tracking watch;

I would looove one in a tiffany blue, a bright colour or a fantastic band, rather than a plain black rubber band. So I am thinking if I can get a fantastic basic one ( I am a samsung lover, so I am thinking of purchasing this one from kogan for $109!
Believe it or not, you can get amazing coloured bands on ebay to interchange and swap it for, everything from patterns to colours.

Samsung-Galaxy-Gear-Fit-STRAP-LIMITTED-EDITION-Braided-Metal-StrapSamsung Gear Fit (Black)

I am in love with this strap for Samsung gear fit braided wristband in blue
Can be bought in Ebay!


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