Veggie Patties

Veggie Patties

This is a great recipe for those looking to increase their veggies, are vegetarian or are vegan. 
Use them as a substitute for meat patties on a burger, or pair with more veggies or salad for a double nutrient intake. They are great for encouraging meatless meals which I am trying to increase into my diet. 


Pattie mix;

Broccoli – the whole thing, just trim the very end of the stalk, but keep the rest as it is full of nutrients. 
4 small – medium desiree potatoes
1 small sweet potato, microwaved until cooked and the skin peeled off the flesh.
215g pumpkin, diced with skin kept on
1/2 cup peas
1 cup corn kernels, defrosted
3 Tablespoons of my sundried tomato and capsicum pesto ( my recipe version to be posted soon) 
3 Tablespoons of stabilised wheatgerm
Herbamare natural salt, just add a little to taste


1/2 Tablespoon Moroccan seasoning
3 Tablespoons stabilised wheat germ

Mix the above together in a large bowl.


Steam chopped veggies but set aside peas and corn. When veggies are all just cooked remove from stove. Add to food processor with sundried tomato and capsicum pesto. Blend together until smooth. It will be thick like hummus. In fact at this point if you want to set some aside to use as  a dip then feel free. (I spread some on a slice of rye sourdough and it was delicious!). Take mixture and add peas and corn and stir until properly combined, don’t blend it in the food processor though, you want the peas and corn to keep their shape. Using a tablespoon take palm sized scoops and roll into balls, then press together until they look like patties, drop into coating ix of wheat germ and Moroccan seasoning ensuring both sides are evenly coated.

Place into an oven set at a temperature of 160ºC and cook until brown  and lightly crispy on one side, then flip and cook until brown and lightly crispy on the other side.

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