Inspiration to read more health recipes

Healthy Recipe Inspiration

I am trying to read up and get more inspiration for health recipes and nutrition. 

So these are my latest 2 purchases. 

‘ The Juice Bar’ by Sara Lewis and ‘ Meat Free’ cookbook by taste magazine. 

I am hoping to try and eat a little more meat free, not that I eat a lot of meat already, and I certainly won’t deny myself if I feel like it but, I am feeling like meat twice a week might be a good way to go, unlike some people who like to eat it pretty much everyday!

Anyway, enough distraction from what I should be really doing, finishing off my study. Then I think I’ll make some banana pancakes with the waaaay overripe bananas I have sitting in a bowl. I shall be sure to use wholemeal flour though. I must find a way to make them extra light and fluffy! Thats a recipe for another day if it works out. xxx 

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