Online shopping for groceries and health food

Working full time plus having an hour and half travel time and study is making it very hard to do my grocery shopping, as well as food prep!
So I am hoping to get more organised and save time ( and money ) buy buying my weekly groceries and health food faves online.

I think I am going to stick with Harris Farm for my groceries, until Aldi’s decides to sell online for fresh groceries. They also have this great new things called imperfect picks which takes fruit and veggies that are of unusual irregular sizes and sells them for up to 50% cheaper. It also is great for cutting food wastage, which is so massive.

I am hunting around and yet to find a cheap health food website and I think I have found one on ‘ Organics on a budget’. I will put in an order in the next week or so and see how good they are for prices and delivery. 

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