Excuse me, but umm, have I been let go?

For about 4 years now I have been a regular contributor to bespoke magazine. It was what helped fuel my passion for cooking and recipe writing further. It started off with me writing about my Nans old vintage cook books and comparing them to todays cooking methods and standards.

Then about a year and a half later the original owner sold bespoke and two new owners took it over. They did a great job. They even encouraged me to write my own recipes for the magazine instead of writing about the old ones, which gave me much more freedom and creativity. I loved it!

Then a couple of months ago I stopped receiving emails. I didn’t notice too much at first, but new the due date for me next recipe was soon. I tried to jump on to the bespoke website only to find one big ‘error’ page. After that I contacted them on the bespoke facebook page, asking if there was something wrong with their website, or if it was my computer. To my surprise I got a reply back from the new owner telling me how she now owned bespoke and that bespoke was now going to be going down a different path, focusing on food and nutrition and that they would employ a professional chef. 

I was told to keep in touch and that even though they are changing, they still highly value my submissions. I can’t tell if this is genuine, or an easy soft way to let me go? I know I am not accomplished, but I have been contributing since the second issue of bespoke and feel like I am part of it’s family. I can only hope that they will still consider me and hopefully like some of the nutritional recipes that I have been designing lately. 


Perhaps this is a sign though, in time for the coming new year, that I need to take my writing and love for cooking down a different path. 


Hmmm… watch this space. 

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