The rise of the pretentious avocodo

I have noticed something really strange happening lately with the avocado.

It has become smashed.


Now, I can’t quite put my finger on why, but this irritates me. Is it an actually problem, no. Have I got bigger problems in my life right now, yes. but reading the words smashed avocado irritates me. 

smashed avocado
*What you get when you google smashed avocado


mashed avocado
* What you get when you google mashed avocado

What was wrong with the humble mashed avocado, must we cater to the hipsters who feel they must have their smoked salmon or eggs benedict lying on a non mainstream avocado presentation? What about sliced, is that not even good enough? It’s everywhere, on food blogs, instagram, health and nutrition websites, and I fail to see how it is any different to the mashed avocado that i have been slapping on my toast since I was in highschool. ( I wasn’t a fan in my immature younger years).


I did a google comparison, looked at the images, and it all just looked like squished avocado to me. Delicious yummy good with whatever you please avocado. So please, inform me, open up my mind, enlighten me as to how and why smashed avocado is different to the humble ye old fashioned mashed avocado we have been smearing over your favourite slice of bread, cracker or rice cake for the past how ever many years.

*pretentious avocado from google images

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