New Years Resolutions

I always have this thing for New Years Resolutions. I know some people love them, some people loathe them, and others are fantastic at actually keeping them. I have had for the past few years in a row had a resolution to become fit and lose weight, and while I have lost weight in the past, I didn’t really lose any last year.

This has to change. I am not trying at the moment, as Christmas mixed in with New Years with your birthday sandwiched in between is really a pointless time to guilt and punish yourself for the things you eat. If your diet is really health and you are a fit person then the few weeks of naughty foods won’t make you completely obese and on verge of a heart attack.

Anyway back to my New Years Resolution. I know what I want, the question is how am I to tackle it.
I am receiving the samsung fitness monitor for Christmas, which I will use to control my calories and monitor my steps, not to mention to motivate me at the gym, and I will be taking up some fitness classes, which I am very excited about.

Also I am going to try and get more strict on my eating habits, more water, fresh fruit and vegetables with a focus on vegetarian proteins and a reduced meat diet.

I just need to keep myself motivated and on track, so I think I will start posting some fashion inspiration to keep me motivated, also this is foodie FABULOUS, and I have been focusing on the foodie side.

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