Mini Pudding Bliss Balls

Mini Pudding Bliss BallsThey taste like Pudding and Fruit cake, so you can still eat healthy snacks and feel Christmassy, also they are vegan, so if you have some vegan or dairy allergic Christmas guests coming around, fear not!


Raisins –  90g
Vanilla essence – 2 Tables
Mixed spice – 25 grams
Prunes – 100 grams
Dates – 100 grams
Almonds – 130 grams
Cashews – 130 grams


Fine Desiccated coconut – 2 Tablespoons
Mixed Spice – 2 Teaspoons


Mix all above ingredients ( except for coating ingredients) together in food processor until combined. mould together into small palm sized balls and coat and roll in coconut and spice mix so they are not sticky to handle.

Happy Christmas xoxo

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