Vegan Up & Go


I am in love with Up&Go. Especially vanilla. Actually it’s mostly the vanilla. So easy and quick and delicious and FULL OF CHEMICALS!

So, in my quest to make naughty nice enough for regular consumption, I have made my own version. The best part is it is vegan so when sniffel season comes and I avoid dairy at all costs, I can still have this for brekkie.


– Macadamia milk ( I made my own ), 1 cup
– Vanilla Essence, 2 1/2 teaspoons
– Dates, 4
– Pecans, 10
– pinch iodised or natural salt
– Water, 1/2 cup


Take your milk and place into blender with vanilla essence, dates, pecans, salt and blend until you have a smooth puree and it won’t get any smoother. Once this is complete, add the water and blend again so mixture is evenly blended. Is should be pretty much smooth at this point.

If you want it sweeter, simply add another half teaspoon of vanilla essence and another date.

Enjoy xx

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