2016 – the time to chase a dream?

Ok, so it has almost been one year since ‘Bespoke magazine’ I wrote for, for almost every issue was bought out and then shutdown!

I must admit, I do miss it. Yes, I have now finished my studies and come back from my UK trip, which will allow me to blog and create recipes a whole lot more, but I feel like I want more than that. I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit, and although it has not always worked out in other departments I have pursued, I have stuck with recipes and food and this passion the longest.

I have been thinking for a while, that perhaps it is time I launch something. I thought perhaps I could join another magazine, but I crave creative control and the freedom of being my own creative boss. So perhaps what is needed is to launch my own magazine. I know this is a big thing to consider, but I would also love to join across people from all parts of the globe in developing a creative hub.

I will be doing a little more research, and perhaps if this is a viable path for me to take, I will be putting a call out in the new year.  Any thoughts?

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