Fitness & Workout Wear

So things have finally gotten back into some sort of repetition.

I have managed to find some amazing workout videos and I am going to the gym at least 3 times a week, and  I am hoping to maybe start going 4 if I can get out on time with work.

I have been looking for some great workout wear to inspire me,

So here are some workout pieces on my list as I only have a few pieces that I wear every single time and I need a serious wardrobe update.

Target ‘ Work for it’ inspirational top. $12

Target ‘Good Vibes Only’ inspirational top. $12

Strappy Tight – Cotton on $35

Cardio Scoop Shirt – Cotton On – $15

Cardio Scoop Shirt – Cotton On – $15

Knockout by Victorias Secret Bra – $68 AUD

Incredible by Victoria’s secret Sports Bra – $79 AUD

Emma Fit Mesh Leggings – $25 –

Nancy Slash Neck Mesh Sports Sweat – $28 –

When in Doubt tank – $12 –

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