I NEED YOUR TIPS – Fitness and Health

I am not sure what it is, but lately I have felt a change in the way that I think and what I want. Everything has settled down at work and my hours have settled.

I have finally started concentrating on myself again and I need to step it up and commit to my health. So as of last week I started going to the gym. I went 3 days and I am hoping to start going for 4 days a week and possibly 5 if my life continues to to be nonexistent outside work.

I have bought a whole bunch of new workout clothes, some of which I listed in my previous post and I have made myself a gym workout playlist (and I am working on a second) and I am finally starting to really read and educate myself about my diet.

I am hoping to post in a months time about any changes I see and post about what keep same motivated. So if you know of any great motivation fitness blogs or tips, PLEASE share!

xxx J


  1. Welcome to the world of fitness blogging babes! Congrats on finding that motivation and positive attitude…I should probably do the same lol. I run a relatable fitness/health blog that try to make everything a little more lighthearted – have a peek if you fancy and see if it’s your kinda thing. I did a post on paranoid thoughts at the gym swell as starting advice for women and weights xx



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