Honey, Date, Nut and Oat clusters

As part of my workout routine I have started making snacks I can have post workout or on the train ride in with my (now skinny) latte.

So expect some more healthy recipes (hopefully more often).


Honey, Date, Nuts and Oat Clusters 



30g Chopped Pecans
40g cashews, chopped
40g walnuts, chopped
40g Almond Kernels, chopped
45g Dates, chopped
30g Jumbo raisins
100ml Honey
85g Oats
25g Unsalted Butter, melted


Take all ingredients and mix together until all coated evenly. 
Take palm sized amounts of the mixture and squeeze together so that all the ingredients are compressed into round little balls. You will really have to roll and squeeze all the ingredients together for the mixture to stick together, other wise it will fall apart.

This should make between 10-12 balls. 

Place in an oven about 160C Fan Forced equivalent and cook until golden brown on the outside. 

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