New Challenge for New Financial Year

Hi Guys, boy has it been a while.

I have been quiet for a while. I love blogging but I am struggling to find the time lately with all the stresses of work I have and study ( a major stress that I am finding a real challenge to cope with working full time). I am at the point where I feel I just have to take it a day at a time as the stress just gets too much.

I am also financially starting to struggle. In pursuing my dream industry ( event management) I had to take a 10k pay cut (yikes- that’s passion for you!) and it is killing me. At this point the realities of affording my first home are starting to sink in and I am feeling guilty for eating all those avocados over the past 6 months ( a little australian millennial joke there for my international readers, google it for more information).

I have decided to make a new challenge for myself. CHEAP MILLENNIAL FRIENDLY EATS!

I partially get food delivered to save on time for food prep on weeknight I get home and have to study, but it is not cheap and I am hoping to save money by cutting back.

So as of yesterday I am committed to creating some cheap low cost meals. 

I am hoping to compile these into an ebook too at some point and who knows, if the recipes I post are popular enough, perhaps I will launch it for my fab readers.

xoxox Foodie Fabulous! 

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