Poor, quirky and on a budget in the corporate world – my new series!

dress like a woman
So recently there has been an amp up at work for the corporate look. 

Personally I don’t do well with dressing like a plain Jane, and being at reception dressing a little more bold than usual is how I choose to stand out and send a message about myself.  I like to wear a little more jewellery than everyone else and probably dress with a few more accessories than what most people would. The way I see it is I can’t ask for respect, I don’t have a title that earns respect, but if you dress in a manner that tells people you put effort into  how you look, take yourself seriously and have the nerves to dress for the job want to one day have – that is how I choose to stand out. One day I will have a job where my personal slightly quirky style can be part of my personal brand, but until then I have been told to tone it down. 

So, how do I get a new wardrobe and keep my personal sense of style as much as possible all while working at a part time corporate? I have therefore have decided to  create a series on polyvore and post it on my foodie fabulous website that is targeted with budget similar in the way I have done my millennial eats series. 

It will be called style on a budget

There will be 3 budget price categories





So if you too struggle with having a sense of flair in a corporate world on a budget – feel free to follow me and tell me what it is you want to see! 

xx J

Update – As Polyvore has been shut down I have had to delete all my following posts. I will probably make more in future but for now I will focus on food budgeting. Still gutted about the loss of polyvore though 😦 

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