Activewear inspiration

I have been trying to workout more during the week now. I have been trying to go about 4 times a week at least. I have realised that I need a few more supplies for workout wear. Not to mention that it feels great to workout in a variety of clothes.

I need at least a few more leggings, some gym socks and tanks for the summer.

Budget $200.
I Love this look. The bright red leggings mixed with a  white oversized top tied with a knot, I will totally rocking this look in summer, great for brunch afterwards.

//    //

Adidas Originals Floral Leggings With Trefoil Logo – Multicolour

– ASOS $53 Au.

Image 4 of ASOS Premium Rib Elastic Leggings with Seam Details

ASOS Premium Rib Elastic Leggings with Seam Details – $43.10 Au

Need some more leggings, for those after work Gym sessions when it is cold waiting for the bus and train. Not to mention black goes with everything!

Image 2 of Noisy May Petite 'Queen Of Everything' Motif Tee

Noisy May Petite ‘Queen Of Everything’ Motif Tee – $17.24 Au

This tank is perfect for those Gym sessions where you know the ‘Boys club’ is going to have taken over the free weights section, and free floor space that lets be honest, normally is left for the women. Sometimes it’s so frustrating as they already have pretty much taken over the large weights section and machines downstairs, then when they start to take over what is generally  considered the ladies area and then they get all silently macho and try to scare the ladies off so they can use the area to themselves, this will send them a message of, not this chick!

Image 3 of ASOS The Ultimate Rib Vest

ASOS The Ultimate Rib Vest – $12.93 Au

Image 1 of Puma Exclusive To ASOS Mesh Long Sleeve Top In White

I don’t know what it is about mesh I love so much at the gym, I just think it is fun to wear, can draw attention away from certain unflattering angles as it distracts the eye and lets you mix and match colours underneath. So of course I bought a white singlet to go too! I can’t help but feel this will go so well with my red leggings too!

Puma Exclusive To ASOS Mesh Long Sleeve Top In White – $53.88 Au

All in all a great new hall for the spring rolling in, and UNDER budget too!
Total $181.03 Au – I think I am quite proud of myself.


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